Sun Pitch Compition

What is the SUN Pitch Competition?

To address the high burden of malnutrition an ambitious re-imagining of food system solutions is needed; pulling in novel solutions and partners that respond to a rapidly transforming food environment. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can serve as a powerful catalyst and vehicle for harnessing innovative solutions that address local food system constraints. Not only do SMEs occupy critical positions along agri-food value chains as input suppliers, off-takers, processors, distributors, retailers or otherwise, at a global level they feed the vast majority of individuals who procure their food in the open market. With up to 80% of food consumed being purchased in the open market, SMEs contribute a significant amount to the total food consumed globally. But the growth of these SMEs is highly constrained by lack of access to finance, and as such agri-food SMEs remain largely untapped for developing and scaling up market-based solutions that can improve the consumption of safe and nutritious food.

Launched in 2018, the SUN Pitch Competition aims to challenge and support SMEs to identify, adopt and scale up disruptive and commercially viable innovations that can improve the availability of safe, nutritious, and affordable foods, especially to vulnerable populations. Through the SUN Pitch Competition, SBN provides targeted technical assistance to finalists to strengthen their investment readiness and nutritional impact of their business ahead of showcasing their business to potential investors. To date, over 1000 SMEs have applied to the SUN Pitch Competition from over 24 countries across Africa and Asia.

How Does It Work?

  • SUN Pitch competitions are run by our national SBN networks to surface, support and promote innovative SMEs that respond to unique local food system issues. See our National SUN Pitch Competitions here (hyperlink to relevant pages)
  • Periodically, Global SUN Pitch Competitions are organised to provide an opportunity for national winners to connect with peers from across the globe and promote their business to international investors. See our Global SUN Pitch Competitions here (Hyperlink to relevant pages).
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Competition Theme

Rethinking Nutrition Innovations

The 2019/2020 SUN Pitch Competition aims to distil the current global discourse on food innovation to challenge and support SMEs in Africa and Asia to identify and scale up disruptive, appropriate and commercially viable innovations that can improve the availability of affordable nutritious foods, especially to vulnerable populations.

For more information on innovations for improved nutrition, see our Guidance Note. 

Competition Format

To surface and build a pipeline of eligible finalists for the Global SUN Pitch Competition, a series of National SUN Pitch Competitions were run in 24 African and Asian countries over the course of 2019. The 21 selected finalists then underwent extensive business development, investor readiness, and nutrition education training with our mentors, BoP Innovation Center and CAM.

  • STAGE 1

    AUG – DEC 2019

    Applications open for National SUN Pitch Competitions, run in partnership with a local accelerator
  • STAGE 2

    MAR – JUL 2020

    Training of National SUN Pitch Competition winners by international industry experts
  • STAGE 3

    30 JUL 2020

    Global SUN Pitch Competition (virtual event)