Country Nutrition Situation

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Shadab Fariduddin

SBN Consultant GAIN Pakistan

Governance structure

SBNPakistan is governed by an 11-member Executive Committee (EC), made up of seven private sector representatives and four members of the Advisory Group. Following the selection of its Chair and Co-Chair, the EC members were chosen through an inclusive, coordinated and phased process at an Annual General Meeting of all network members. While the ultimate aim is for businesses to lead and sustain the engagement, WFP, GAIN and the Micronutrient Initiative collectively undertake the responsibility to guide, support and transition the engagement over time under the overall supervision of the National SUN Secretariat.

What is SBN doing in Pakistan

SBN Pakistan’s national network strategy is in the form of their Business Engagement Strategy (BES),which aims to support the development of local strategies that address the issue of malnutrition. It is a road-map for engaging businesses in improving nutritional outcomes in Pakistan, while involving all relevant stakeholders. The BES also provides guidance on policy and strategic environments and outlines strategic development and recommendations in key thematic areas, drawing on a wide range of insights and experiences.

The network’s BES broadly covers three areas:

  1. Development of capabilities and potential opportunities for businesses to support local nutrition priorities and plans;
  2. Identification of a wide range of ways through which the private sector can contribute to nutrition and foster multi-stakeholder partnership;
  3. Presentation of opportunity for governments, UN agencies, donors and civil society organisations to work with business to support local nutrition priorities.
In terms of specific activities, SBN Pakistan has:

  • SBN Pakistan Online Learning Portal: Developed and deployed Pakistan’s first and only nutrition-focused online learning portal. We are aggressively using it for capacity building of food businesses especially SMEs ( Watch the replay of TalkNutrition to learn more about SBN Pakistan’s online learning portal
  • Nutribiz Challenge: Conducted two successful campaigns of the Nutribiz Challenge, in 2020 and 2021. This has become the network’s flagship event and has earned them the perception of a ‘trailblazer’ for promoting innovation across all areas of food and nutrition, from farm to fork.
  • Workforce Nutrition: Piloted a workforce nutrition technical assistance (TA) programme for two members. The pilot has created an animated Urdu video, which highlights the benefits of the Nutrition at Work (NAW) programme. The TA programme also aims to implement the Nutrition at Work (NAW)Handbook, which is available in English and Urdu.