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In order for us to realise a vision of a world without hunger and malnutrition, we adhere to Principles of Engagement to guide our work. The SUN Movement and SUN Business Network (SBN) principles ensure that our contributions, whilst flexible, are for a common purpose, conducted in an ethical, transparent way and with mutual accountability.

Are you interested in joining the SUN Business Network?
Firstly, are you familiar with our Principles of Engagement?

For the SUN Movement Principles of Engagement

For SBN Principles of Engagement to further guide the efforts of SBN Country Network Members

For SBN Principles of Engagement to further guide the efforts of SBN Global Members

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Global Members

Are you a multinational company with headquarters outside of a SUN Country?

Complete this joining form to apply for SBN Global Membership. The SBN Secretariat will assess your application based on your company’s compliance to the SUN and SBN principles of engagement, your interest in advancing the fight against malnutrition and indication that your company will allocate resources to support the implementation of the SBN principles of engagement.

If your application is accepted by the SBN Secretariat, you will be asked to sign this form. Your SBN Global Membership will be contingent on the completion of this final step.