Revolutionising the poultry industry: Pakistan and beyond

in the months following the 2020 global SUN Pitch competition, winning Pakistani SME, Poulta, has used their Cargill-sponsored cash prize of US$10,000 to adapt to challenges, make plans for the future, and continue to use innovation to disrupt the poultry industry to enable farmers to detect, predict and prevent problems early on.


In Pakistan, there is an urgent need to improve the nutrition status of many sectors of the population, specifically the protein intake and nutrition security of vulnerable populations such as children and women of reproductive age. In particular, Pakistan is experiencing two forms of malnutrition, anaemia and stunting; the national prevalence of under-five stunting is 37.6% and, among the adult population, 52.1% of women of reproductive age are anaemic.




2021-06-19 - 01:00 AM


2021-06-30 @ 02:30 AM

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